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Still the FIRST & ONLY  “Environmentally Sensitive Pest Management Service Provider” in ALL of Central & Western, NY



      At Absolute Turf, Tree and Property Maintenance, LLC., we DO NOT USE ANY DANGER CLASSIFIED CHEMICALS of any kind in our lawn care treatments, property maintenance or ancillary services while still delivering results well above the industry standard!  With nearly 25 years of local experience under our belt, ABSOLUTE is the most knowledgeable, trusted and respected name in the Central and Western, NY lawn care industry and the ONLY company of its kind focused on safety and minimizing all negative environmental impact!

     ABSOLUTE'S approach means our products have the lowest environmental impact possible and are about “as dangerous” as an average over-the-counter household product.  In fact, most of the products we use are in the lowest hazard level classification the EPA can assign (below the level of many traditional household products) and with new industry advancements we are improving on that ratio every year.  Try getting that from your normal lawn care company!

     Our “alcohol based herbicide” is one of the safest, most effective herbicide products available on the market and is even “odor free”!  In fact, all of the treatments we offer are guaranteed to be non-toxic to people and pets and all but one of our lawn care treatments are completely odor free (we are working on that one too).

      Today being environmentally conscious is not just about what chemicals are being used like it was prior to stricter EPA regulations.  The misuse and/or overuse of fertilizers tend to be more dangerous today to our environment than most legally regulated chemicals!

      As of April 1st, 2012, "all standard turf applications in the State of New York are legally required to be phosphorus free” and most companies, farmers and homeowners remain completely unaware!  The increasingly higher levels of  phosphorus ultimately ends up polluting our water supply, lakes, streams and ponds and has already wreaked mass havoc on the environmental balance of our native plant and wild life. 

     In fact, phosphorus based fertilizers can only be “legally applied” on shrubs and trees or to newly soiled/seeded areas of turf.  ABSOLUTE'S totally “phosphorus free turf fertilizations” are legal, safe and completely environmentally conscious and we urge all homeowners to make sure any home fertilizations are also legal and phosphorus free!

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