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Lawn Care Package

(9 total lawn care applications and 2 shrub fertilization applications annually)

Pricing for each package depends on many factors,

including the size of your property. 

Contact us for an ABSOLUTE hassle-free quote.


Application Date: Early Spring


The Threat: 

Crabgrass is a general term that refers to a genus of about 300 species of grasses (from the Poa family) which are native to almost all regions of the continental U.S.  These grasses are annual plants, each one capable of producing up to 150,000 seeds per year.   The seeds germinate in the spring and if left untreated,  out-compete the desired lawn grasses for sunlight, nutrients, water, and space for growth and will ultimately kill off the existing grass.   Later in the year when these plants die off, they leave large “dead spots” in your lawn.   These voids then become prime areas for more crabgrass and weeds to germinate, spread and cause even more damage.

The Treatment: 

The easiest and most efficient way to treat crabgrass is to remove the threat before it becomes a problem.   In the spring, while the crabgrass is germinating underground, we use a pre-emergent herbicide to eliminate the germinating crab grass before it surfaces.   As a bonus, the products we use also treat some of the species of weeds that are beginning to germinate in your lawn during this time as well.   This pre-emergent treatment protects your lawn from Crabgrass for approximately 4 months and will usually last until “summer drought”, if any.  Our application includes a slow release, high nitrogen fertilizer which feeds your lawn and assists with recovery from winter stress.



Application Dates: Spring; Summer; Fall

The Threat: 

Weeds compete with your desired turf grasses for the same resources that any plant typically needs; direct sunlight, nutrients, water, and space for growth.  Turf weeds reproduce easily, grow quickly, kill off desired grass species and will resist eradication once established.  When left untreated, weeds will take over entire sections of your yard, killing off the existing turf grass.  Did you know seeds can persist in the soil up to 10 years, producing multiple generations during the same growing season, which often results in an increased amount of mowing?

The Treatment: 

Throughout the year different types of weeds will germinate and invade your lawn. For this reason we offer and recommend 3 weed and feed treatments as the target weed species will change during the differing seasons.  We use only the highest quality herbicides, which are not only safer, but are also proven to effectively treat the most types of weeds.  In addition, using a balanced (phosphorus free) fertilizer with each treatment promotes your grass to grow and thrive in the absence of competition from weeds.


Application Date: Summer


The Threat: 

Grubs are essentially the larval stage of beetles and are the most damaging turf insect in the United States causing an estimated $250 million in damage each year!   The grubs live below ground and feed on the tender roots of your grass until they are completely destroyed.   The damage they cause generally does not show up until fall, but by then it's too late and soil and re-seeding and/or replacement turf will be needed to repair the damage.

The Treatment: 

The best time to control grubs is in early summer just after they hatch.   At this time they are very susceptible to treatment which gives ABSOLUTE a "window" to remove the threat before the grubs cause irreparable damage to your lawn.   Hatched beetles will later commonly feed on your shrubs.   The products we use to treat grubs also works equally well on eliminating a few other species of damaging turf insects and is non-toxic to mammals.


Application Date: Summer


The Threat: 

Depending on environmental conditions, insects can and will invade your lawn potentially causing damage to your property, your children and your pets.  Although it is true that most turf related insect damage is caused by grubs/beetles, other insect species such as spider, ants, ticks, fleas, wasps and other “burrowing insects” can be extraordinarily harmful to your lawn and property.

The Treatment: 

At ABSOLUTE, we can treat insect infestations and remove the potential long term threats with a quick treatment to rid you of those lawn predators and keep your turf and family safe and healthy. 


Application Date: Late Summer


The Threat: 

Your early season pre-emergent crabgrass treatment has now gotten you through mid-summer.  However, months of rainfall allows some crabgrass to begin to germinate and sprout along driveways, landscape beds, and any other “wet spots” in your turf.   Once those summer thunder storms finally roll in and cause wetter conditions, crab grass will begin to germinate and aggressively spread again. 

The Treatment: 

In the summer we use both Pre and Post Emergent Herbicide to treat the crabgrass that has sprouted and also treat the crabgrass that is still germinating and growing underground. This treatment will keep the crabgrass “at bay” for the rest of the season, ensuring it never takes hold and does irreparable damage. 



This application is a free service offered with the ABSOLUTE PREMIUM package. 


Application Date: Fall

The Threat: 

Even with the previous Pre and Post Emergent Herbicide applications, there is a chance some crab grass will still "take root".  


The Treatment: 

Absolute will review your lawn during the fall to ensure the crab grass remains at bay by "spot-spraying" any troublesome areas.


Customers/Applicators choice of Organic, with Insecticide or Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Application Date: Winter

The Threat: 

Fall is the season for change, which makes it the ideal time to ensure you have a healthy lawn during the upcoming winter and  into the following spring.   A “Winterizing Fertilization” helps give your lawn strong roots for winter endurance, and also encourages early growth the following spring.

The Treatment: 

A slow release, balanced, granular potassium fertilizer will feed your lawn and will remain in the soil over the winter freeze.   These nutrients will then promote quicker, healthier growth and repair the following spring.   Depending on the specific needs of your property, we can also treat for insects to ensure they do not find safe harbor in your lawn during the winter or use a pre-emergent herbicide to assist wetter lawns with protection from crabgrass and some weeds the following spring!


Estimated Application Dates:

Done with Early Spring and Wintering Applications.


Your shrubs, perennials and ornamental trees are intended to be permanent additions to your property, but are you taking care of them? Absolute’s bi-annual fertilization applications are specifically designed to get your plantings blooming early in the spring, prepare them for the stress of the upcoming winter and keep them strong and thriving all throughout the year.

In the 21st century, emphasizing safety and efficiency does not mean your should have to deal with higher prices and/or lower quality service!

ABSOLUTE offers our customers the safest most effective options with the ABSOLUTE best service and prices.  We will gladly discuss the differences and match or beat our competitors’ prices, as well as, their service!

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