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Lawn Care Packages: Services

Weeds and Unwanted Grasses

(Offered once/monthly/ or with each lawn treatment)

     Are you tired of pulling all those endless weeds out of your beautiful landscape beds?  Do unwanted grasses and weeds keep invading your parking lot, walk ways, driveways or patios?  No matter what the issue, ABSOLUTE can take care of it for you.  


     ABSOLUTE'S non-selective herbicide treatments are guaranteed to get the results you need so we can keep your property weed free and looking beautiful all season long!


Summer Drought Hydro-Feeds and  Fertilizations

     Summer “drought season” is hard on plants and trees as sometimes we can go a month or more without any rain.  Protect your valuable and irreplaceable plants and trees with a summer deep root hydro-feeding fertilization when they need it the most. 


      ABSOLUTE specializes in hydro-feeding technology which utilizes water and a strong balanced fertilizer to deliver water and nutrients directly to the plants’ root system when it is most in need of sustenance.  

jap beetle.jpg

Insect and Fungal Disease Treatments

(Twice yearly  in early June and August OR 4 times yearly, once monthly June – September.)

     Throughout the year insects will feed on your shrubs and trees and the consequences can be fatal. As well, powdery mildew, scale and other potentially fatal fungi can also infect your valuable plantings as the environmental conditions become favorable but ABSOLUTE can keep you protected!

     ABSOLUTE'S exclusive insect/fungus treatments along with our chemical free “Dormant Oil” preventative insect sprays in the spring will prevent both insects and fungal diseases from destroying your irreplaceable plantings.  

     Specializing in:

       We also specialize in sensitive/difficult species like:




      No matter the issue, the ABSOLUTE solution is only one call away!

  • Various Fruit Trees

  • Grapes

  • Rose treatments

  • Tent Caterpillars

  • Japanese Beetles

  • Scale

  • Mites

  • Spiders

  • Emerald Ash Beetle (Ash Borer)

Acid Loving Shrubs Fertilization

     Having a difficult time getting your Hydrangea, Holly, Ink bush, Rhododendrons, or Azalea healthy and looking the way they should? 

     ABSOLUTE uses only the highest quality organic products, together with 25 years of local experience to create the ideal environment to get your acid loving shrubs thriving and prospering.


Turf PH Corrective Treatments

                                               Is Moss invading your lawn?

     At ABSOLUTE we are qualified to conduct a soil test of your premises so you know which all-natural pH corrective treatment your lawn desires.  Our yearly pH corrective packages consist of treatment twice a year, spring and fall.

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