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Absolute Turf, Tree and Property Maintenance

does not use any "danger classified" chemicals in any of the treatments we offer to our customers.

         The following is a product list and the EPA number for each and every chemical we use for all the various treatments and services we offer. 

Click on any EPA # below to download the label

Early Season Pre-Emergent Crabgrass and Grassy Weed Treatments:

19-0-6 w /Dimension;     EPA# 5905-537

15-0-5 w/Prodiamine;    EPA# 5905-573

Barricade 4FL;              EPA # 100-1139   

Weed and Feed Treatments:

Turflon Ester Ultra;          EPA# 62719-566

Speed Zone Herbicide;     EPA# 2217-833

22-0-4 w/Trimec;               EPA# 2217-581-5905

Summer Grub Control Treatments:


Amtide 2F;                  EPA# 83851-13

Imidacloprid 2F;        EPA# 66222-203

18-0-7 w/Merritt;       EPA# 432-1349-5905

Late Summer Pre and Post Emergent Crabgrass Treatment:


Dimension 2EW;                 EPA# 62719.542

Spot Treatments for Weeds, Crabgrass

and/or Nut Sedge: Q4;       EPA# 2217-930

Winterizing Application Treatments:


15-0-5 w/Prodiamine;        EPA# 5905-573

0-0-7 w/Talstar;                  EPA# 279-3216-5905

Flea, Tick and Ant Treatments:


0-0-7 w/Talstar;               EPA# 279-3216-5905

Talstar Professional;       EPA# 279-3206

Herbicide Property Maintenance:


Gly Star Plus;             EPA# 42750-61 

Honcho;                      EPA# 524-445 

Credit 41 Extra;        EPA# 71368-20 

Crossbow;                  EPA# 62719-260-5905

Insecticide/Fungicide Property Maintenance:


Amtide 2F;                           EPA# 83851-13

Imidacloprid 2F;                 EPA# 66222-203

Talstar Professional;           EPA# 279-3206

Damoil;                                EPA# 19713-123

Propaconizole 14.3;            EPA# 66222-41

Insect Infestation, Birch Leaf Minor Tree and

Emerald Ash Borer Tree Injection:


Mauget Imicide;     EPA# 7946-16

Fungal Disease Tree Injection:


Mauget Fungisol;      EPA# 7946-14

Insect and Fungal Disease Tree Injection:


Mauget Imisol;      EPA# 7946-21

Bacterial Disease Tree Injection Services:


Mauget Arbo Fos 5ml Caps;             EPA# 7946-26

Chlorothalonil;                                   EPA# 66222-154

Any and all services provided by ABSOLUTE will be done in accordance with

NYS DEC laws and regulations and all treated areas will be posted after every application in accordance with NYS DEC law.  


Absolute Turf, Tree and Property Maintenance is fully licensed, certified and insured in accordance with both NYS and NYS DEC laws and all applications will be done or directly supervised by owner/applicator, Juston Emmerich. 

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